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2 Wheels, 2 Days


Ideal for early season riding, these Tours all start and return each day to Niagara-on-the-Lake and are designed for various cycling abilities.  Novice riders or those preferring a more relaxing cycling tour, who have never been on long back-to-back cycling trips can choose from various distance options between 50-85 kms in length, and we can guarantee NO HILLS if you choose! We can direct you instead to flat farmland and open back-country roads. If you wish to ride further we have options for you as well, pushing mileage to well over 100 km if you are feeling in peak-season shape.

If your group is more family-oriented and you want "action" and "fun" things to do into the evening we can change the start location to Niagara Falls where the options, choices and late evening entertainment options are many.  You also have more value priced hotel choices here.


You can literally head in any of three directions including to Niagara Falls and back, to Welland and back or to St. Catherines, Jordan, and other areas to the South-West.  Or we can design a more tourist-friendly, close-to-home trip if you choose to visit more wineries one day, then more tourist sites another day, and maybe on your 2nd or 3rd day pick up the volume and go further afield.  That's right, all of our 2-day Saturday/Sunday Tours are designed to easily add the day prior or after (Friday or Monday but not both) if you are feeling up for it and the boss won't miss you at the office!  If possible these add-ons can be last-minute too, don't be afraid to ask.  The added benefit is that you can keep your gear and luggage in your room and spend more time taking in the local offerings that make Niagara-on-the-Lake the world-class destination it is known for.  Take in a show at the famous Shaw Festival, go for a nature hike, or spend more time in Niagara Falls in-between your ride here and back.  


Book Now -  Click  HERE  if you are ready to take the next step.


All our Tours can be customized - up or down. Fill out this form if you want something more bespoke, and your group is 6 or more. Or, if you prefer to go it alone, we can scale back the frills and get you organized with the best routes, the best places to stay, and sights to see.

Tour Overview:

Start your weekend of FUN by arriving anytime Friday in Niagara on the Lake, and if needed, we can hold your luggage before your room becomes available. Get a much-needed jumpstart on your weekend plans by putting two wheels on the road as soon as possible.  Budget-conscious riders can stay at any number of amazing locations not right in Old Town but within 20-30 minutes away (by car).  Anyone looking to ride into the weekend can do so by making this Friday an un-forgettable Fun Friday!


Or, wake up early Saturday if you are somewhere in Southern or South-Western Ontario and make your way here at the crack of dawn. You can park and leave your car safely in Old Town for the day and be on your bike by 9 or 10 am!   Then just a one-night booking is all you need to spend two glorious days seeing everything the Niagara Region has to offer, or if you are in no rush to get back to work Monday, make this also a 2-day option and use Sunday night to celebrate, eat a fabulous meal and treat yourself to a sleep-in on Monday morning.  Aggressive cyclists can use the many public transit options to get here by Train or Bus and bike back to your home base. With advance notice, we can make sure your luggage makes its way safely back too.  The flexibility of choices and scenarios will help anyone and everyone create their perfect early season cycling getaway.


Choose to:

Stay one night or two

Options for accommodation include Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night individually or two of the nights paired together.

Dates (Subject to availability):

Weekends from May and June and through July and then upon request.

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