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Our services are based on per person and we can provide this for as few as two and as many as 22 (or more if that was the case).  We can also just plan, book and provide your experience remotely and not be available in-person with the support vehicle, instead having someone "on call" locally to step in where needed with 30 minutes notice.  Just fill out this Custom Form and answer the questions most relevant to your group details, or call us to chat further - 1-800-852-6930


Have you and your group experienced frustration and headache trying to plan your day trip or weekend of activities in Niagara Wine Country?  Planning routes, rest stops, wine tastings, tours, shopping and all that?   Well Niagara Cycling Tours has this covered!   Our team of local experts are here to take the hassle and frustration out of your itinerary letting your group focus on the FUN that you deserve and will enjoy more of by outsourcing the logistics, planning and bookings to us.

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