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Policies - Updated for 2024

Covid-19Rest assured that our team and partners on the entire Tour are taking everyone’s safety seriously.  The first and foremost daily item on our list will be to ensure that all participants, all the time, are enjoying themselves in a safe manner.  The majority of your time will be spent outside naturally, which makes our Tours the perfect vacation option in these difficult times.  Every accommodation partner, coffee and lunch stops, and dinner locations will be carefully chosen and confirmed to be just as cautious and careful as we are.  

NCT has been awarded a #SafeTravelStamp, which is recognized globally for adopting proper, standardized health and hygiene protocols


Unless required to do so by official government stakeholders we do not expect mask-wearing to be required while riding.  This does mean you may not be able to pack-ride as much as you might like unless it's your own mini-group within the Tour and 2-4 of you are from the same home base.


All of our staff and crew engaging with everyone, from the day you arrive until your last day with us, will be required to perform and conduct regular health checks, daily temperature readings, and full mask-wearing anytime and every time we are engaged

in close proximity indoors and outdoors with all cyclists.

Our team has also added rapid testing kits to our Covid safety protocol toolbelt.

Please understand that we reserve the right to change these policies at short notice due to the ever-changing

nature of this situation.

Purchase Protection - If you book and pay for our Tours we advise purchasing our Protection Insurance.

In the event Covid-19 causes you to have to cancel, this add-on protects your trip. This option is available as

you are checking out and is a percentage of your cart (6.5%).


Even at the last moment, any sudden issues like injury while training, sickness requiring medical attention, even the day prior while loading your bike you pull out your back and can't ride, you will be covered. 

IF the local, regional, or provincial governments decide to close our type of business or the Niagara Region goes into lockdown and this coincides with your Tour Date, we will transfer and delay your trip to the next possible date in the same season, or for any time period in the following season.  NCT cannot provide refunds for any last-minute cancellation of our business that is out of our control.  It's completely up to you when you register to decide if this add-on is worth purchasing, and if you do, this protection goes with your Tour and applies if you injure yourself or cannot attend in the future re-established date of this particular tour.  So, your protection follows you un-changed on the resumption of this booking.

Privacy Policy - We respect the privacy of all individuals who visit our website. We take great measures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of any personal information on this site. All personal information supplied will remain within our organization and will not be shared with any external entity unless prior permission is given. Your personal information will not be sold, distributed or published in any manner whatsoever.

Refund Policy - Coming Soon

Payment - The $50 booking fee is applied when you make your first deposit, and it is not refundable or transferable. If you decide to re-book with us at a future date in the same calendar year it will not be applied again. The $100 deposit to hold your Tour Date(s) is fully refundable if you decide to then cancel this hold anytime more than 30 days ahead of the start of your Tour date

Cancellation Policy -  We reserve the right to cancel tours but will ensure to provide as much notice in the event that occurs. For our scheduled tours, we have a minimum amount of riders required that, if not met, may lead to cancellation or postponement, which in this case means you would receive a full refund as we cannot execute a Tour with insufficient participants.  For custom tours, this does not apply in the same way. Please consult your proposal provided by Niagara Cycling Tours. There is also a chance we may need to cancel tours because of COVID-19 restrictions. If we cancel the tour for any reason, you will receive a full refund, less a $50 per person booking fee.

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