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2024 News and Announcements

Thanks to all of our clients so far as of early April, 2024 our sales have tripled this year versus last year.  We can't wait to see you on the roads this summer or fall, please BOOK EARLY as rooms across Niagara fill up faster than a Tour de France rider going downhill....




Riding into darkness, Eclipse Bike Tour Niagara!


Niagara on the Lake, ON, April 6, 2003 – Niagara Cycling Tours.

Official Solar Eclipse viewing glasses.  Check.  Pink Floyd “Dark side of the moon” soundtrack.  Check.  Sandwiches, snacks and sports drinks.  Check.  Tour Guides with mobile support.  Check.

Niagara Cycling Tours (NCT) are ready and pleased to announce with a great weather forecast for April 8th, officially a “Green Light” on the first ever North American Solar Eclipse Ride into Darkness Bicycle Ride and Viewing Tour. 

Organizer and Founder Peter Donato and his local team have curated and created in typical NCT fashion a unique, memorable and FUN round trip bike tour from Niagara Falls, into Fort Erie, and back for guests already confirmed from Colorado, Kitchener and the GTA.

“We have been thinking and planning this for awhile but really had to wait to see the weather forecast knowing many cycling fans won’t attempt the crowds or distance in heavy rain, snow or windy conditions.” The 57.37 km route winds it’s way into a private, secluded area near Fort Erie with “no human light interference” which is the best way to maximize the solar eclipse experience.


Last minute cyclists should text (416) 707-5944 to see how they might join the fun.


























Group Record Cycling Tour!

Education on Two Wheels in NOTL

Niagara on the Lake, ON, June 13, 2023 – Niagara Cycling Tours (NCT)

Yesterday Niagara Cycling Tours established what is believed to be one of the largest group tours in local history and certainly the largest so far in a busy 2023 cycling season.  Edu Travel and Hodgson Public School in Toronto participated in a unique combination of an historic cycling and walking tour of Old Town NOTL and surrounding areas.  Over 165 students and adults participated.

NCT founder and cycling ambassador Peter Donato was thrilled to see so many young faces and also enjoyed a visit to some students by Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa.

“It was a bit of a last-minute thing believe it or not and we had to scramble to bring some Tour Guides in from around the GTA to supplement some local staff.  Then we had just 4 days to quickly “teach” these new guides on some basic History, Geography, Agriculture and Floricultural facts and figures, along with some ghost stories of course, to give this group of 13-14 year olds some variety.”

All of the students along with teachers and staff walked a 5km historical route in old town in addition to an 18km cycling tour that included known and not so well-known places such as Butler’s Burial Ground, the Niagara River Parkway and Commons, Chautauqua and the Negro Village.  Students were then asked to fill out trivia sheets afterwards to make sure they were paying attention, along with winning some great prizes.  Some of the questions that stumped everyone included the classic “Who won the war of 1812” and What fruits from this list are NOT grown in the Region” (some fell for the oranges and olives)!

Peter Donato plans on adding these future educational tours to the company’s growing list of Cycling Tours which mostly focus on International visitors.  The next tourists coming to Niagara will be the companies first travelers from Mexico.





Peter Donato – Founder, Niagara Cycling Tours
































Friday, May 6, 2022


Niagara Cycling Tours (NCT) is pleased to announce our recent Award from the Ontario By Bike organization. As the cycling season gets going in full with warmer ride temperatures and summer ahead, Ontario By Bike announces the 23 best bicycle friendly businesses and award winners for 2022, across the province.


Whether riding closer to home, or travelling to destinations across Ontario, exploring Ontario’s vast array of trails and road routes, coupled with a stop at any one of these award winning locations to eat, visit or sleep, will be a highlight of any bike outing, day trip or longer multi-day tour.


The awards are presented by Ontario By Bike, whose certification program has criteria that helps ensure cyclists are welcomed at businesses they choose to stop at whether it be as a cycle tourist, on a longer trip, or while biking closer to home. The Network is free for businesses to participate in and the information on each location plus cycling trails and road routes in each region is easily accessible online.


“We are pleased to celebrate and recognize the commitment and level of service that these 23 bicycle friendly businesses offer cyclists that stop at their locations. With many welcoming a wide array of customers, not just cyclists, we encourage a visit to their businesses to support their ongoing enterprises during what has been a challenging few years. Congratulations to all winners of the annual awards, now in its fourth year.” - Louisa Mursell, Executive Director of Ontario By Bike/Transportation Options.


“Our team is stoked to win this award we’re just too busy planning trips this summer and fall to celebrate right now” says Founder and avid cyclist, Peter Donato.



Peter Donato – Founder, Niagara Cycling Tours



Niagara Cycling Tours is a NOTL based operation serving the local, regional and international cycling market. The company launched in spring, 2021 and mostly focuses on multi day bike holidays across the full Niagara Region. The company aims to support the full complement of towns, cities and hamlets across all of Niagara as outlined by the award-winning jersey design below. Tours can start in any market and finish in any market if necessary, with daily cycling volumes in the 65km – 110+km range.


About Ontario By Bike™

Ontario By Bike™ works with a variety of partners to develop and promote cycling and cycle tourism across Ontario. Administering a Network of over 1,550 certified bicycle friendly businesses and providing a comprehensive portal of information, Ontario By Bike is inspiring visitors and residents to explore more of the province by bike. Ontario By Bike is a program of Transportation Options, a non-profit organization, celebrating 30 years of innovative programming, dedicated to fostering sustainable transportation and tourism solutions in Ontario. • Ontario By Bike –

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