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One-Day Mega Niagara Ride


The Return of the CANADA DAY 150 ride July 1st, 2024

Yeah, that's right.  We may be the first operators offering this unique, one (long) day bike ride option.  Have you ever felt so great on your bike, riding, and riding, and never wanted to stop?   Have you wondered "how far can I go" today if time was not a barrier?   Well, now you can with some support, direction and motivation.   Founder and avid cyclist Peter Donato did just that in 2020 by going 270 km's on one long, 12 hour day, with alot of stops naturally!   Maybe that sounds like you, or the magical 200km number is a distance you always wanted to attempt.  If you are reading this and are still intrigued, ask us more.  These Mega Rides can also start or finish in Toronto, or start in the GTA and finish in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or come down and let us plan and prepare your Epic One Day Journey throughout the Niagara region where you can go many hours and many miles on safe, flat, interesting roads.   We can fully support either your solo effort or a group one if you are a member of a cycling club.  

Our home base: Niagara-on-the-Lake


All our Tours can be customized - up or down. Fill out this form if you want something more bespoke, and your group is 6 or more. Or, if you prefer to go it alone, we can scale back the frills and get you organized with the best routes, the best places to stay, and sights to see, and you can venture as we have on these open roads.  


Tour Overview:


Mega Day rides basically involve full support from our team, so you can focus on the cycling part.  We can prepare and plan the routes based on our extensive knowledge of the safest, flattest, car-free roads - or if you like variety in your terrain we can provide this too.  Focus on your riding and make sure the many rest stops you will need are as quick as possible.  We can prepare the snacks, meals and food ahead of time and obviously whether you want some company along the way or have the support vehicle in view at all times these are part and parcel of the services we can offer.

We suggest for anyone and everyone to plan on staying at least one night before or after the ride in Niagara, we don't encourage anyone trying to drive home after a long and tough day in the saddle, and if your long ride ends in the evening the Go Train is probably closed!

What we suggest to start with is a quick phone call to see if your goals match up with our opportunity and availability.   Start thinking about it....dream BIG!

Dates (Subject to availability):   Weekends or Weekdays available with notice.   

Select days throughout summer and fall  2024 or by request.


No need to carry anything that might slow you down!

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