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How it Started


Like all great new ideas, this one started as an accident and a cycling adventure of 270 km' one day!    (news article here):

270 KM Mega Ride

Cyclist and avid outdoor sportsman Peter Donato decided in the midst of the covid19 pandemic to dust off his trusted Cervelo R3 and spend more time outside where it was safe to do so.  In addition to getting back into road cycling, Peter also bought his first Cargo Bike and first Mountain Bike in over 15 years, just in case he got bored with one cycling discipline!


His events company, Good Times Running, had created a national, covid fundraiser. His team was encouraging Canadians to run, walk, ride, paddle, or do anything to keep moving and stay healthy amidst the worst medical and mental health crisis of our generation.  All this time in the saddle got Peter to thinking about his longest-ever one-day ride, many years prior in a charity bike tour covering four days and challenging, scenic routes north of the city.  The record was 200 km's so that was the new pandemic challenge, ride solo and beat that distance.  The plan was to start and finish from Niagara-on-the-Lake, where Peter divides his time with Toronto and where he knew the roads would be plentiful and the scenery fresh.  With a good idea of the route and well-stocked cycling pockets with energy bars, bananas, and spare tubes, Peter set out with a pre-determined idea of the 200, 250, and 300 km route goals.   































Of course, the best-laid plans never work out that way, do they? With some looming storm clouds on the horizon, the day changed to avoid the worst of the weather, and what ensued (below) was a completely different output than had been planned.  BUT, the many hours spent lost, and off-course made Peter realize how amazing, scenic and wonderful some of this Niagara region could be, including some off-beaten trails and paths that only the locals seemed to know about.  Upon finishing and raising some more money for worthy causes, he felt more cyclists should also discover these many roads, towns, and hamlets Niagara is famous for.   And so the new journey began, a white-road journey as some would call it, and now you too can pursue your own cycling challenge and two-wheeled journey with Niagara Cycling Tours, Peter, and his team of outgoing, experienced staff.

Novice riders and experienced cyclists welcome.  Let us make your next ride meaningful.....

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