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Custom Tours      -  BOOK HERE if you are ready to go without a phone call with our team (1-800-852-6930)


Our bespoke tours allow you to go where you want, when you want and even how you want!  There are no fixed destinations, routes or accommodations. You design the trip you want.

IF you are enquiring on behalf of a group of 6 or more cyclists, or your entourage includes you, three other cyclists or more, and others (fans, friends, your own mechanic, and masseuse) this option is probably for your group.  There is technically no upper limit on the group size but we think 20 is a max number for one Tour (due to road safety).  If your company or group is even larger feel free to tell us anyway and since rooms are available in large quantities in some markets (Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake) in theory anything is possible.  

Custom Tours can also include families, groups of parents and kids who might see our options as

a great fitness vacation for active households.  Instead of wineries there are many historical,

adventurous and FUN places to visit all across the region, accessible by bike and catered to younger

audiences.  Safari Niagara, the Butterfly Conservatory, Whirlpool Jet Boats, Glen Nature Centre,

Recreation and Hiking Trails,  or visit some of the many active, public Farms to get close to the animals

and learn where the bounties of fruit and veggies come from.  Spend a few hours on one of the many

(20+)  beaches around the Region.  Adjust your hotel choices  by starting and finishing your Tours in

Niagara Falls and get wild and crazy on Clifton Hill at night.  Try the Zipline over the Water or

Wildplay Adventure Park and Treetop Adventures.   Stay one night at Great Wolf Lodge for its

own excursion on a rest day. 

Do keep in mind that we cannot promise or guarantee "group rates" as many of these Tours have

fixed costs, but there are some savings to be had for the Tour or Group organizer if that becomes your

role and our Team can book a large group of 12+ riders through one contact and one transaction.


IF you want to enjoy the Niagara Region with added benefits and excursions, dine privately under the

stars, have guided, trained cycling coaches for your group, and maybe an all-around VIP experience

we have created this form and deposit fee structure to fill out and return to us.  This is something our

Team can totally and completely execute for your unique needs.  If you want a Pro cyclist to join you

who speaks Italian or Spanish well that might be a little harder!


IF you are a group and you are looking for "deals" or trying to trim the fat and sleep

in campgrounds ("hey my best friend will let us crash on his couch)!", We suggest

looking for alternative tour companies.  There are some accommodations

throughout the region who provide luggage transfer services so in theory you can

design your own trip accordingly.


Thanks for your understanding, if we do not get back to you within 24hrs of your

form submission it may be that we are on the road (wheels) and may take another

day to properly get back to you.  Sending a text message after your submission is

a good idea to make sure we got this (416-707-5944).


The deposit structure covers our costs and planning / research to put together the

ultimate, one-of-a-kind destination tour for your group and would be deducted from

the Group Travel so its not an extra fee.  This deposit also includes several phone

calls and if needed we'll meet you in person if you are located conveniently to

Southern, Eastern or Westen Ontario.


Link to Custom Tours Form - Mobile

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